Higher Education Grants

Dear Student:

Here is a link to download the Higher Educational Grant Fund Application.

These funds are available through the loving stewardship of the Benjamin Hetrick-Harriet Kelly Estate, and are to be allocated for the purpose of assisting persons pursuing education beyond high school.

To be eligible for a Grant, a student must be a voting member of Shells Lutheran Church; be attending a recognized fully accredited institution of higher learning; and, be in a curriculum leading to a degree or certificate of proficiency.

There are two categories of grants; a grant for full-time students and another for part-time students.  The amount of the Grant shall depend upon the monies available and the number of eligible students.

To apply for a Higher Education Grant, please complete the form and return it to:

Shells Lutheran Church
Finance Committee
287 Shells Church Road
Grantville, PA 17028


Bobbie Boyer
Finance Committee Chairwoman